Textile Process Aids

Products listed alphabetically

ACCELERATOR SA CONCConcentrated acid buffer and catalyst for use in textile dyeing. Exceptionally good money value vs conventional acid systems. Comp: Modified acid ester. DOT: CM.Accelerators Wool Scouring Agents and Assistant
ACTIVEX JCExtra strength cleaner for removal of finish and yarn residue from the interior of continuous heatset chambers such as the Suessen GVA. Comp: Caustic, surfactant chelate mixture. DOT: NR.ACTIVEXChelating Agents Detergents and Assistants Surfactants
AIRONIL 200-Wxtra strength ready-to-use nonsilicone defoamer. Comp: Fatty mineral oil blend. DOT: NR AIRONILAntifoaming Agents
AIRONIL 700Nonsilicone defoamer base containing 7% EBS. Product contains no emulsifiers and is designed for use by textile formulators, sewage treatment plants, and as a base for brown stock defoamers. Comp: Fatty mineral oil blend. DOT: NR..AIRONILAntifoaming Agents
AIRONIL CDFMineral oil based defoamer with strong foam knockdown and hold down properties. Concentrated 100% active product that is stable when cut to 50% active with water. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.AIRONILAntifoaming Agents
AMMONIUM STEARATE 33Soap stabilizer, foamer and froth aid additive for use in latex systems and other areas requiring foam generation and bubble control. Comp: Ammonium stearate. DOT: CM.Foaming Aids
ANTIFOAM 03Silicone defoamer containing 3% active filled fluid. Low cost, ideal for waste treatment and beck applications. Comp: Emulsified silicones. DOT: NR.Antifoaming Agents
ANTIFOAM 30L$30% active silicone defoamer specially emulsified for compounding into more dilute products or for use straight as a heavy duty defoaming agent. Comp: Emulsified silicones. DOT: NR.Antifoaming Agents
ANTIFOAM 41M-EM100% active self-emulsifiable silicone defoamer compound. Can be used to formulate dilute products or can be added directly by end users. Comp: Filled dimethylsilicone with emulsifiers. DOT: NR.Antifoaming Agents
AQUA HUE PRETREAT 2630 chemical to impart a cationic change to cotton. This cationic cotton is used in garment processing with pigments to give a worn or wash down look. Cationic polymer. DOT: NRAQUAHUE
BUCO WHITE BSBConcentrated anionic fluorescent whitener for cotton. Stable to peroxide bleaching and offers blue cast. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.BUCOWhitening Finishes, Fluorescent
BUCOSOL SUPRA PENETRATING ST LIQUIDConcentrated caustic stable wetting agent that is stable in peroxide bleaching and produces low foam and is free rinsing. Comp: A blend of surfactants. DOT: NR.BUCOSOLWetting Agents
BUFFER LConcentrated low odor and noncorrosive buffer to achieve a pH of 2.5. This product achieves effective yields and performance with stain blockers on carpet. Comp: Inorganic salts. DOT: CM.
CCM-6A synthetic polymer lubricant used in pile fabric in beck dyeing. It acts on both synthetic and natural fibers and acts as both a fiber-to-fiber and fiber-to-metal lubricant during wet processing. Blend of nonionic organic polymers. DOT: NR.Lubricants for Textiles
CHEMAG 108An antimigrant used to prevent migration of direct dyes, acid dyes and hydrolyzed reactive dyes prior to aftertreatment or drying. Comp: Proprietary salt solution. DOT: NR.CHEMAGEmulsifying Agents and Assistants
CONDENSATE 6117Amide manufactured from edible coconut oil and used in detergents and janitorial compounds. Comp: Fatty alkanolamide. DOT: NR.Soaps
CONDENSATE 7509Coconut DEA condensate; 1:1 molar ratio. High amide content, good solubility and thickening properties. Comp: Alkanolamide. DOT: NR.Thickeners
DIZAD 8 Wetter and penetrant for use in napthol dyeing of cottons. Very effective and low cost. Comp: Organic compounds. DOT: NR.DIZADPenetrating Agents Wetting Agents
DOSS-70Extremely fast anionic wetting and rewetting agent. DOT:CLDOSS-70
DOSS-70 N SPECIALExtremely fast anionic wetting and rewetting agent. Formulated to be shipped as nonflammable and noncombustible. Comp: Sulfosuccinate. DOT: NR.DOSS-70Wetting Agents
DURAMINE A-10Outstanding softener for acrylic fibers in knitted or yarn form. Also effective on cotton/acrylic and nylon/acrylic blends when applied from last rinse. Comp: Modified quaternary compound. DOT: NR.DURAMINESofteners
DURASOFT 4612Very low cost cationic softener. Heat stable and especially effective on denim. Imparts very soft but full hand. Comp: Quaternary ammonium compound. DOT: NR.DURASOFT
DURASOFT 7525Lubricant, softener with antistatic properties for dye bath, final rinse or kiss roll add-on for finishing of dyed yarn. Comp: Blend of polyethylene and cationic derivatives. DOT: NR.DURASOFTAntistatic Agents Lubricants for Textiles Softeners
DURASOFT CIConcentrated hydrophobic silicone for safe non-oily hand on sheeting and towels. Comp: Amino functional silicone and emulsifiers. DOT: NR.DURASOFTHydrophobic and Hygroscopic Agents Oil Repellents
DURASOFT NYCationic softener for use in hosiery, yarn dyeing, and on denim. Economical general purpose cationic softener. Comp: Organic cationic compound. DOT: NR.DURASOFTSofteners
DURASOFT SA 100Produces a soft cationic like hand on dyed synthetic fibers. Product also functions as a processing aid for carding and spinning of the same fibers while maintaining the soft hand. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.DURASOFTSofteners
DURASOFT TVASoftener and fiber processing aid for use on all synthetic fibers to impart a slick hand and high fiber-to-metal lubricity. Especially effective on blends for sliver knit. Product is substantive but is usually applied by convenient spray-on. Comp: Blend of fatty derivatives and modified organosilicone. DOT: NR.DURASOFTSofteners
DYESET DFDye fix for use on cotton and other cellulosic fibers dyed with direct, fiber reactive, developed, or sulfur dyes. Comp: Cationic resin. DOT: NRDYESETFixing Agents for Dyes
EBSA-100Base for nonsilicone defoamers available in 15-pound ingot form on crated pallets. Physical form provides excellent money value to reduce formulating costs. Comp: Ethylene bis stearamide. DOT: NR.Antifoaming Agents
ECOCARE SUPRAAn environmentally one-piece product to peroxide bleach cotton. It contains wetters and stabilizers and is used in high sheer conditions with no added defoamers. Low BOD/COD. Comp: Proprietary compounds. DOT: NRECOCAREBleaching Agents Bleaching Assistants, Stabilizers and Catalysts
EXTRAGARD DN 100-1A soil release, fluorochemical finish, product formulated for applications on carpet. An excellent oil and water repellent. Works well in padding, spraying, and foam applications. Compounded fluorocarbon finish. DOT: NR.EXTRAGARDOil Repellents Water Repellents
FINISH 132A FIRE RETARDWax based thread lubricant containing components that act as fire retardants to reduce flammability. Comp: Wax and inorganic blend. DOT: NR.Flame Retardants
FIRE RETARD 102-52ANondurable low cost fire retardant for use on natural and synthetic fibers. Environmentally friendly with low toxicity and corrosion resistance. Comp: Phosphated organic compounds. DOT: NR.
FIRE RETARD 66ire retardant for use on synthetic fibers in conjunction with resin in binder formulations. Compatible in most systems. Can be sprayed, padded or kiss roll applied. Effective in a wide range of textile fiber and fabric applications. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.FIRE RETARDFlame Retardants
FIXING AGENT FW-2Low yellowing fixing agent for use on cellulosic fibers. Excellent resistance to shade change. Comp: Cationic polymer. DOT: NR.Fixing Agents for Dyes
FIRE RETARD KKNondurable fire retardant for use on cellulosic fibers. Outstanding corrosion inhibition and low toxicity. Product does not contain halogens. Comp: Highly complex blend of phosphated derivatives. DOT: NR.FIRE RETARDFlame Retardants
HUMECTANT AMoisture holding additive for inclusion with fiber processing aids on synthetic fibers processed on all yarn systems. Use of product promotes more efficient processing at two for one twisting and provides for reduction in tension at spinning. Comp: Proprietary blend of EO derivatives. DOT: NR. Hydrophilic and Hygroscopic Agents
LEVELER NC-2Non-foaming leveling agent for use in beck dyeing of polyester and nylon carpet. Also effective as a soaping agent and wetter in stonewashing of denim. Comp: Modified nonionic surfactant. DOT:NRLeveling Agents
LEVELOL CDI CONCLeveler and dye bath lubricant to avoid channeling and streaking on woven or knitted fabrics. Particularly effective in jet dye application. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.LEVELOLLeveling Agents
LUBE OIL 415Fiber processing aid for use on synthetic fibers requiring excellent fiber-to-metal lubricity. It can be applied by kiss roll or conventional spray methods. Non-yellowing and water soluble. Compo: Hydrocarbons. DOT: NR.
MANACARRIER 802An environmentally friendly carrier that is economical with excellent color yield and leveling properties. It contains no hazardous air pollutants or hazardous compounds. Blend of organic compounds. DOT: NRMANACARRIERLeveling Agents
MANAFROTH SERIESA group of products used as froth aid additive for use in latex and other textile systems, including foam dye applications. Comp: Surfactant blends. DOT: NR.MANAFROTH
MANAGARD 2178Fluorocarbon water repellent used on canvas, excellent for use on boat covers, jet skis, and pop-up campers. Comp: Fluorocarbon compound. DOT: NR.MANAGARD
MANAGARD 2228Fluorocarbon water repellent used on velvets composed of polyester, rayon and cotton blend fibers. Consistent initial results, good spray rating after three washes. Comp: Fluorocarbon compound. DOT: NR.MANAGARD
MANAHIBExtremely effective corrosion inhibitor for use with mineral acids. The use of 1% on weight of sulfuric acid drastically reduces its corrosivity to stainless steel. Comp: Proprietary blend in phosphoric acid. DOT: CL.MANAHIBCorrosion Inhibitors
MANAKLEER 1135Dye stripping agent and cleaner for reduction of shade removal of loose dyes, and cleanup of cotton and synthetic textiles. Tub and roll cleaner, decolorized for waste tint. Product is stabilized to improve safety in handling and storage. Comp: Blend of inorganic salts and sodium hydrosulfite. DOT: IM.MANAKLEER
MANALEV RLNA powerful leveler used for acid and premetalized dyes on nylon. It has excellent tone-on-tone build up and achieves full dye yield. Blend of nonionic organic compounds. DOT: NR.MANALEV
MANASORB RBA chemical that prevents ultraviolet discoloration on polyester dyed with disperse dyes. Fine particle size allows for use on package or beam dyeing. Complex organic compound. DOT: NR.MANASORB
MANASSIST BLD-60Cationic leveler for basic dyes on acrylic. Environmentally friendly low BOD and COD compared to BTMAC. Excellent repair properties for faulty uneven dyeings. Comp: Proprietary. DOT: NR.MANASSIST
MANAWET 1757Concentrated blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants with extremely fast wetting and rewetting. Low cost and effective as a scouring agent in peroxide bleaching. Comp: Blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants. DOT: NR.MANAWET Surfactants
MANAWET ALS 28Ammonium lauryl sulfate based surfactant for use in foaming, wetting, and cleaning applications. Comp: Sulfated alcohol ammonium salt. DOT: NR.MANAWET
MANAWET A 18Surfactant and additive for use in preparation of froth aids and latex formulations. Comp: Sulfosuccinamate. DOT: NR.MANAWET Surfactants
MANAWET 5576Wetter, detergent and degreaser for use in preparation of yarns and fabrics for dyeing or bleaching. Product is caustic stable and fast wetter. Comp: Phosphated alcohol salts. DOT: CL.MANAWETDegreasing Agents Detergents and Assistants Wetting Agents
MANAWET 9059 MODCaustic stable anionic surfactant, detergent, and wetting agent for use in mercerizing and continuous bleaching of textiles. Comp: Sulfonated derivatives. DOT: NR.MANAWETDetergents and Assistants Surfactants Wetting Agents
MECAP -12Methoxy capped Peg 400 Monolaurate used as textile intermediate, lubricant, and cohesion additive. Comp: Fatty ester. DOT: NR.MECAPLubricants for Textiles
MIGRASSIST WWBConcentrated blend of cationic levelers and retarders to be used with premetalized dyes on nylon. Comp: Proprietary. DOT: NR.MIGRASSIST®
OXYSTAB CPeroxide stabilizer for continuous and batch bleaching of cotton and cotton blends. Product is economical and controls rate of decomposition of bleach to produce excellent whiteness without scale build-up caused by silicates. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.OXYSTABBleaching Assistants, Stabilizers and Catalysts
PEG ESTERSComplete line of products are available utilizing PEG 200 through 1000 and a wide range of fatty acids including tallow, oleic, stearic and lauric. Will manufacture to customer’s specifications. Comp: Esters. DOT: NR.Acids, Fatty
PHOSPHATED ESTERSWide range of alcohols and ethoxylated alcohols phosphated with polyphosphoric or phosphorous pentoxide to customer’s specifications. Comp: Phosphated esters. DOT: IM.Acids, Fatty
POLY 25Product 25% active. Medium density polyethylene emulsion for use as a lubricant or softener component by itself or in conjunction with other fatty materials. Provides high fiber-to-metal lubricity and good release properties. Comp: Nonionically emulsified polyethylene. DOT: NR.Lubricants for Textiles Softeners
POLY 25 NRAnionically emulsified polyethylene emulsion, renders treated goods nonrewettable. Comp: Polyethylene emulsion. DOT: NR.Lubricants for Textiles Softeners Water Repellents
POLYCAT 25Cationic polyethylene emulsion for use as a softener, lubricant or release agent where substantivity is required. Effective on cotton, as well as a wide range of synthetic fibers. Comp: Polyethylene emulsion. DOT: NR.POLYCATLubricants for Textiles Softeners
POTASSIUM LAURATEA 20% active anionic wetter and detergent used in many industrial applications. As a repair agent it will reduce shade and level basic dyes on acrylic. Comp: Potassium laurate. DOT: NR.Detergents and Assistants Wetting Agents
QUADRALUBE 1589Cup lubricant for use in reservoirs on 2 for 1 twisters plying carpet yarn. Provides excellent fiber-to-metal lubricity to reduce dusting. Comp: Fatty esters and emulsifiers. DOT: NR.QUADRALUBEConing and Winding Lubricants Lubricants for Textiles
QUADRALUBE 2226WFiber processing aid for use on synthetic fibers requiring good fiber-to-metal lubricity and moderate cohesion levels. Contains wetting agent to penetrate fluorocarbon treated fibers and is especially effective in processing stock dyed fluorocarbon treated fibers because of the product’s high volatility during heatsetting and finishing. Comp: Fatty mineral blend. DOT: NR.QUADRALUBEConing and Winding Lubricants
QUADRALUBE 2801A 100% active fiber lubricant for extrusion with moderate cohesion properties. Mild pleasant odor. Comp: Fatty ester. DOT: NR.QUADRALUBELubricants for Textiles
QUADRALUBE 291A processing aid for difficult grades of nylon fiber on modified worsted system. Provides evenness for difficult to draft fibers. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.QUADRALUBELubricants for Textiles
QUADRALUBE HLH MODIFIEDHigh softening, fiber-to-fiber lubricant enhanced to provide good fiber-to-metal lubricity. Contains humectant and extra antistat. Very effective on harsh nylon processed on two for one twisters. Comp: Ethoxylated and phosphated derivatives with phosphate esters. DOT: NR.QUADRALUBEConing and Winding Lubricants Lubricants for Textiles
QUADRASTAT ORFiber processing aid that provides balanced cohesion and good fiber to metal properties for processing slick and low crimp synthetic fibers or synthetic fibers that require unusual drafting control. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.QUADRASTATAntistatic Agents Lubricants for Textiles
QUADRASTAT PIBK-4Straight concentrated antistat. The product can be used with other nonionic or anionic fiber lubricants. Comp: Neutralized phosphate ester. DOT: NR.QUADRASTATAntistatic Agents
QUADRASTAT R-2Straight antistat for addition to nonionic and anionic lubricants and finishes to enhance protection. High concentrate. Comp: Neutralized phosphate ester. DOT: NR.QUADRASTATAntistatic Agents
QUADRASTAT SAEFiber processing aid that imparts the highest cohesion offered by the company for processing of slick low crimp, slippery fibers on the modified worsted and modified cotton system. Comp: Ethoxylated fatty acid. DOT: NR.QUADRASTATAnti-slip Finishing Agents Binders for Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics
RENEW NHA strong surfactant blend used to repair off shade or unleveled dyeing. It works well on acid, disperse, and premetalized dyes on nylon and also works with direct dyes on cotton. Blend of anionic organic compounds. DOT: NR.
RING OIL MC 32 CSynthetic based lubricant for use on porous spinning ring to provide lubricity to improve traveler life. Product contains cleaner. Comp: Synthetic organic compound. DOT: NR.Spinning Oils
RITELEVE AL-1A combination of dispersants, levelers, and retarders used to dye nylon with both acid and disperse dyes. Comp: Anionic and nonionic surfactant blend. DOT: NR.RITELEVEDispersing Agents Leveling Agents
RITEBUFFER BFGConcentrated low odor and noncorrosive buffer to achieve a pH of 6.0. Used with acid dyes on nylon. Comp: Inorganic salts. DOT: NR.RITEBUFFER
RITEWELD STFixing agent for acid dyes on nylon that can be applied both in exhaust and continuous dyeing. Comp: Proprietary. DOT: NR.RITEWELDFixing Agents for Dyes
SOFTENER 20Specially designed lubricant softener anti-stat combination for use on space dyed yarns. Usually applied from pad out of final rinse bath. Application in padbath is possible. Comp: Proprietary formulation. DOT: NR.Softeners
SOFTENER BASE 4515 MODHeat stable softener base with excellent lubricating qualities and softness. Product is self-emulsible in warm water. Comp: Nonionic, anionic blend. DOT: NR.Softeners
SOLVENT CLEANER CCEmulsifiable odorless hydrocarbon solvent blend designed for use in degreasing or removal of oily soils. Comp: Emulsified solvents. DOT: CM.Degreasing Agents
SULFAMINE 50Detergent, wetter, dye assistant, scouring agent. Comp: Amine sulfonate. DOT: NR.SULFAMINEDetergents and Assistants Wetting Agents
SULFATED 2EHAnionic surfactant (60%) designed for use in textile formulating of wetters, detergents and leveling agents for textiles. Product is highly caustic stable and very cost effective. Comp: Sulfated 2-ethyl-hexanol. DOT: NR.Surfactants
SULFATED BUTYL OLEATEOffered in 60% and 65% versions. Used in a wide variety of textile formulations for wet processing and fiber lubrications. Comp: sulfated butyl oleate, DOT: NRSurfactants
SULFATED CASTOR OILAvailable in 70% and 75% active strengths. Component for formulating lubricants, softeners and dyeing assistants. Comp: Sulfated castor oil. DOT: NRSurfactants
SULFATED OLEIC ACIDAvailable in 50% active version, used in formulating leveling agents, fiber lubricants, defoamers and surfactants. Comp: sulfated oleic acid, DOT: NRSurfactants
SULFATED PROPYL OLEATE60% active and used in a variety of applications for wetting and surfactant formulations. Comp: sulfated propyl oleate, DOT: NR Surfactants
SULFATED TALL OILAvailable to 70% activity and used in a variety of textile formulations as a coupler, lubricant, leveling agent, and dispersant. Comp: sulfated tall oil, DOT: NR Surfactants
SULFATED TALLOW 80%Anionic softener that can function as a bath lubricant to prevent pilling, crease marks, and other damage in exhaust dyeing. Works well on both woven and knit fabrics. Comp: Sulfated tallow. DOT: NR. Softeners
SYSTEM 236 BFroth aid for use in latex systems incorporates high foaming properties into a stabilized system for latex. DOT: NR.Antifoaming Agents
SYSTEM 237Excellent caustic stable wetting agent and surfactant for use in textile applications. Comp: Sulfated derivative. DOT: NR.SYSTEMWetting Agents
SYSTEM 307Concentrated low melt wax emulsion used as latex additive and in sizing formulations. Low yellowing system. Comp: Emulsified wax. DOT: NR.SYSTEM
TAM QUATSDiethylsulfate quaternaries available in a range of Tam 2 to Tam 30 for use in a wide variety of formulating situations involving need for leveling, stripping, softening, and antistatic properties. Comp: Quaternary ammonium compounds. DOT: IM.TAM QUATSAntistatic Agents Leveling Agents Softeners Stripping Agents and Assistants, Finishes
TENN WHITE JMCHigh affinity peroxide stable brightener for cellulosics and nylon. Intense blue white. Suitable for resin finishing. Comp: Complex anionic organic compound. DOT: NRTENN WHITE
TENN-WHITE BWOptical brightener with bluing additive for use on cotton and synthetics in hosiery applications. Comp: fluorescent brighteners, emulsifiers and dyestuffs, DOT: NRTENN WHITEWhitening Finishes, Fluorescent
TEXALUBE 319 NBFExtrusion lubricant for use on continuous filament synthetic fibers requiring excellent fiber-to-metal lubricity and moderate cohesion to control flaring. Comp: Proprietary blend. DOT: NR.TEXALUBELubricants for Textiles
TEXALUBE AT-4Extrusion lubricant for polypropylene film extrusion for slit-film ribbon form for use in synthetic turf. Comp: proprietary blend, DOT: NRTEXALUBELubricants for Textiles
TEXALUBE SEDExtrusion lubricant for polypropylene where heavier deniers are required. Comp: proprietary blend, DOT: NRTEXALUBELubricants for Textiles
TEXATINT CITRINEA fugitive tint for use on polyester and nylon carpet fiber. Product resists effects of heat setting and remains fugitive. Comp: Proprietary blends of dyes and surfactants. DOT: NR.TEXATINTTints, Fugitive
TEXATINT DARK GREENFugitive tint for use on polyester and nylon carpet fiber. Product remains fugitive after heat setting. Comp: Proprietary blend of dyes and surfactants. DOT: NR.TEXATINTTints, Fugitive
TWISTLUBE 21High purity cup lubricant for use on 2 for 1 twisters. Particularly effective on polyester yarns to reduce dusting. Comp: Fatty esters and emulsifiers. DOT: NR.TWISTLUBELubricants for Textiles
ULTRASTRIPA one-piece product that includes a buffer, scour, and reducing agent to clear polyester after disperse dyeing. Blend of organic and inorganic salts. DOT: NR.Reducing Agents
WAX EMULSION HPX3Concentrated high melt wax emulsion used as an extender for water and soil repellents as well as additive for latex and sizing formulations. Versatile, low yellowing formulations. Comp: Emulsified wax. DOT: NR