Synalloy Chemicals offers lubricants and anti-static products that are used as processing aids for the metal, textile, petroleum and carpet industries.

Lubricant MORYarn lubricant for cotton and synthetics. Offers good fiber to metal lubricity, fiber to fiber lubricity, static protection and penetration.
Lubricant MB3Offers fiber to metal and fiber to fiber lubricity for synthetics and provides excellent penetration.
Lubricant BW57Lubricant and processing aide for synthetic fibers requiring high fiber to fiber lubricity and good moisture holding properties.
Lubricant FMRNonionic dye bath lubricant for cotton.
Lubricant 7138 LDTFiber processing aide for synthetic fibers requiring high fiber to fiber lubricity and mild cohesive properties.
Humectant APenetrant and moisture holding additive for use on low regain synthetic fibers, along with fiber processing aide.
Manalube 3232Blend of waxes and softeners designed for kiss roll application on cellulosic fibers, yarns and slit film applications.
Manalube 1157Dye bath or kiss roll lubricant for use on harsh fibers requiring good fiber to fiber lubricity and any anti-static properties.
Manalube JRHeat stable lubricant with good fiber to metal lubricity, along with balanced cohesion and excellent anti-static properties.
Quadralube 2226WFiber processing aide for harsh and stock dyed nylon, offering good fiber to metal lubricity, balanced cohesive properties and low soiling characteristics following heat setting.
Quadralube 2239Heat stable fiber processing aide offering high fiber to metal lubricity.
Quadralube AEFiber processing aide with moderate to high cohesion, mild lubricity and high anti-static properties.
Quadrastat PIBKExtremely effective anionic anti-stat for use on all synthetic fibers.
Quadrastat SFiber processing aide for soft fibers requiring high fiber to fiber cohesive properties.
Quadrastat SAEConcentrated cohesion additive for synthetic fibers, offers highest fiber to fiber cohesion available.
Quadrastat TGVCationic anti-stat and humectant for use on harsh synthetic fibers.
Quadrastat TPAStrong cationic anti-stat and penetrant for use on most difficult static conditions.
Ring Oil 27CBlend of poly alpha olefins to achieve optimal viscosity for use in ring spinning lubrication.