FlameQuest – Fire Retardants

Synalloy has produced fire retardants for over 40 years. Developing our product range to include phosphate surfactants and barriers. The technology is utilized in: textile, bedding, furniture, coatings, paper, and carpeting applications. Most of the Synalloy products are safe alternatives to materials now banned or under scrutiny due to adverse health effects.

Listed below are some FlameQuest fire retardant products.

FlameQuest KKKK is a highly effective, semi-durable organic phosphate chemistry designed for textile fabrics made of cotton, rayon, cotton polyester blends, or paper. KK is non-toxic, non-hygroscopic, non-halogenated, and will not cause color change to textile fabrics. KK also has the side benefit of offering rust inhibition properties.
FlameQuest 102-52-A102-52-A is a modified version of FlameQuest KK designed to be compatible with PVA and vinyl acrylic monomer where such binding systems are used. 102-52-A has the same general properties as FlameQuest KK, but will achieve superior results in some binders.
FlameQuest BTO-2BTO-2 is a surface treatment flame retardant based organo phosphates combined with complex halogen components. Indicated for use in multi-blend textile fabrics that must pass stringent FR test methods with high ratings.
FlameQuest 6666 is a durable flame retardant for polyester draperies, automotive fabrics, and upholstery that offers high compatibility with latex back coatings. FlameQuest 66 is a highly formulated proprietary blend of flame retardants.