Since 1919, Synalloy Chemicals has been manufacturing defoamers. Our defoamers fit into all major chemical markets and meet a wide variety of application needs. We manufacture the base ingredients that make up these defoamers, which allow us to be very low cost producer. We sell our products in bulk, totes, drums and pails.


Product NameID #SiliconeDescriptionActivity
AIRONIL 27211-0313<1 EBSA /Silica in Paraffinic Oil/Surfactant Blend99.5
AIRONIL CC–20 1-0315None EBSA in Nap Oil/Surfactant Blend100
AIRONIL PEX1-03203Predominantly EBSA with silica in Nap Oil/Surfactant Blend, meant to cut with water100
ANTIFOAM 20561-0458 <1Silica/Fatty alcohols/Fatty acid/surfactants in Nap. Oil100
DEFOAMER 57291-1717<1Predominantly Silica and a small amount of EBSA and dispersant in napthenic oil100
DEFOAMER MC11626-1<1Water extended non siliconewith EBSA and Silica50


Product NameID#SiliconeDescriptionActivity
ANTIFOAM 51-03765Silicone Emulsion8
ANTIFOAM 101-037510Silicone Emulsion14
ANTIFOAM 10 FG 1-039810Silicone Emulsion15
ANTIFOAM 201-039020Silicone Emulsion26
ANTIFOAM 20 FG1-040020Silicone Emulsion26
ANTIFOAM 30L1-045026Silicone Emulsion33
ANTIFOAM 2001-04553.5Silicone Emulsion6
ANTIFOAM AFR1-05553Silicone Emulsion– Free rinsing6
ANTIFOAM DB1-046520Silicone Emulsion– Free rinsing35
ANTIFOAM SFB1-05618Silicone Defoamer/free rinsing14


Product NameID #SiliconeDescriptionActivity
ANTIFOAM NS1-0459 NoneFatty Alcohols/ Fatty Acid Surfactants18
ANTIFOAM 20431-0460 <1Silica filled PPG with emulsifier 100
DEFOAMER 55261-0630<1Water extended/thickened version of Antifoam 2043 24
AF–8201-0256NoneTall oil ester with Propylene Glycol100
DEFOAMER XZ1-1636 NoneSilica (1%), Fatty Acid, alcohol, dispersant blend in mineral oil.100
PPG 2025 DT 1-4513NoneDitallate Ester of PPG–2025100


Product NameID #SiliconeDescriptionActivity
DEFOAMER SOY1-1634<1Hydrophobized silica in Soybean Oil base with dispersing aid100
DEFOAMER ECO 1-1637<1Similar to Defoamer SOY, contains more emulsifiers/dispersants100


Product Name ID #SiliconeDescription Activity
AI 109092-0040 <2BASE – Hydrophobized Silica in Napthenic Oil100
AI 10909M 2-0042<2BASE – Hydrophobized Silica in Paraffinic Oil100
AIRONIL 700 N1-0311NoneBASE – EBSA in Paraffinic Oil100
AIRONIL 700 Special 2-0154NoneBASE – EBSA in Paraffinic Oil100
ANTIFOAM 41 B2-0500100BASE – Filled Silicone with hydrophobized silica100
ANTIFOAM KI1-0553100BASE – Filled Silicone with hydrophobized silica100
AIRONIL 20252-0157<4 Hydrophobized Silica in PPG–2025100
EBSA–1001-2230NoneBASE – Ethylene Bis–Stearamide (EBSA)100