Chemical Intermediates

PEG Esters

PEG DilauratesPEG Monooleates
PEG DioleatesPEG Monostearate
PEG DitallatesPEG Monotallates
PEG Distearates
PEG Monolaurates

Straight Esters

Butyl OleateDi-2-Ethylhexyl Maleate
Butyi StearateSorbitan Monooleate
Glycol MonostearateTridecyl Stearate
Glycol MonooleateTrimethylol Propane Monomerate
Glycol MonotallatePentaerythritol tristearate

Amides/Amine Condensates

Amino-Ethyl Ethanolamine DistearateDiethanolamine Coconut Fatty Acid
Diethanolamine TallateEthylene Bis Stearamide
Diethanolamine Stearate

Quats and Imadazolines

Amino-ethyl Ethanolamine Tall Qil ImidazolineTAM 2 EO DES Quat
Amino-ethyl Ethanolamine Tallate Diethyl Sulfate QuatTAM 15 EQ DES Quat
Tall Qil Diethylenetriamine ImidazolineQuat 90 DETA Oleic, high ring closure, DES Quat
Oleic Diethylenetriamine Imidazoline

Phosphated Esters- in acid and neutralized forms

Phosphated NP 10 (6 and 4)Phosphated TDA-6 and TDA 8
Phosphated DA 4 and DA 6Phosphated 2-EH and 2-EH 2EO

Sulfated Derivitives

Sulfated Castor Oil- 50,70 and 75%Sulfated 2-EH Ammonium Salt
Sulfated Canola OilSulfated 2-EH Sodium Salt
Sulfated Butyl OleateSulfated Tall Oil
Sulfated Nonyl Phenol 4EOSulfated Tallow and Fancy
Sulfated Neodol 25-3Tallow Sulfated Fish Oil
Sulfated Oleic AcidSulfated Methyloleate

Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Wetting Agents, and Soaps

Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate (DOSS) Potassium Laurate (liquid coconut soap -40%)
Diethanolamine/Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (DDBSA) Potassium Oleate Liquid


Diethylene glycol mixed short chain fatty acid/tall oil mono esterGlycerol Monostearate PEG 600 Trans ester