Car Wash Soaps & Cleaners


Concentrated Base Products

Cocoamidipropyl Betaine & Cocoamidipropyl Sultaine
Our workhorse surfactants used to make a variety of carwash soaps and cleaners. These surface safe surfactants are; car finish safe, very high foaming, have very high compatibility, low cost, and safe to use. Available in several strengths.

Manawet DOSS Surfactant Series
Work well in carwash formulation when a rapid penetration of surface dirt and oils is needed. DOSS has excellent penetration properties in low amounts. In foam systems, it is very high foaming and works as a foam stabilizer with other surfactants. DOSS should be used when an anionic charge is appropriate to the system.

Manaterge SLS-30
SLS 30 is an economical flash foamer that can boost the foaming of other surfactants. This is an ideal additive for foaming systems that may not have ideal foam generation engineering or when hard water is an issue.

Manaterge DDBSA
Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid, neutralized with sodium salt then standardized to 40% describes Synalloy DDBSA. This versatile soap is useful in cleaning as a high foaming detergent over a broad range of ph and in presence of hard water.

Manox Amine Oxide
Manox AO is an amine oxide foaming chemical used to boost foam levels of other surfactants, it has moderate detergency and is surface safe for paints. Manox AO is not compatible with cationic additives.

Sulfated 2-EH Sodium Salt
Sulfated 2-EH is a highly caustic stable penetrant for caustic cleaners. Sulfated 1-EH is especially effective for penetration of mud, brake dust, hardened dirt, bugs, or any other material where a penetrant will boost efficiency of penetration and cleaning. It is compatible with anionic and nonionic surfactants and caustic up to 50 grams per liter. A helpful additive to presoaks to remove bugs.

Synalloy Quat 90
Synalloy Quat 90 is a highly charged imidazoline emulsifier that is very effective in formulation of rinse aids. This chemistry, when properly applied, will replace much more expensive cationic emulsifiers to make most rinse aids at normal user strength. For higher emulsification, it can be combined with nonionic surfactants. For higher charge and higher emulsification is can be used in combination with Synalloy TAM 15 DES Quat.

Synalloy Carnauba Wax
Synalloy Carnauba wax is a highly-refined carnauba wax that is made from highly graded materials and manufactured in Synalloy’s wax emulsion plant in Cleveland, TN. The particle size is very small, making it more lustrous and easy to apply. It is formulated with a nonionic emulsification system to gain a wider range of compatibility. Synalloy Carnauba wax is very economical to use allowing cost savings, or higher additions to make more effective waxes.


Finished Products – Washes, Drying Aids, Waxes, Tires and Wheels, Specialty

Carwash CC
A powerful and economical cleaning compound that can be used as a concentrate or it can be diluted on site for increased savings. CC contains chelates, foam boosters, dirt penetrants, and is slightly alkaline to increase performance. A pleasant cherry fragrance is added to enhance the customer experience. CC can be used as a friction soap or in self service bays.

Carwash Rainbow
Tricolored wash product that delivers high visual impact in rainbow systems. It is highly concentrated and has a generous concentration of dye to maximize the vibrant rainbow effect. Even when water extended the colors in this system “pop”.

Foamy FWW and Foamy FWW Rainbow
Foamy wash and wax is powerful washing detergent with a synthetic wax built in. The single component product is great for single soap dispensing systems. The brilliant showroom shine and wax effect aid double as a drying aid for the best economy in touchless or friction systems. Foamy wash and wax is also available in the rainbow system.

Prewash PWA
This Prewash is slightly alkaline, aggressively removes bugs and road splatter with an aggressive bug melting formula that combines powerful Synalloy soaps, penetrants, and detergents. This presoak is also a powerful truck wash, under carriage wash, wheel wash, and under hood wash. Slightly alkaline but safe for auto finishes.

Touchless Magic & Touchless Magic Plus
The perfect formulation for the touchless carwash, contains powerful combinations of soaps with a flash foamer to hold active ingredients in place on the auto surface to promote cleaning. The formulation also contains chelates to manage hard water, plus Synalloys exclusive anti spotting ingredient. The Plus version has additional synthetic waxes added to get a mega gloss finish that aids in drying. The enhanced gloss combined with Synalloy’s anti spotting additive give the best visuals and overall wash experience.


Finished Products – Drying Aids, Waxes, Tires and Wheels

Cheater X
An economical pre-formulated drying aid using exclusive emuslifiers combined with a unique oil system that offers water replency, high sheen, visual impact, and a reduced tendency to arrract dust (a common complaint of drying aids).

Cheater Tech
Offers a high visual impact often difficult to obtain with tradional drying aids. Costs a little more but allows a dramatic effect. 

A highly charged polymer finish that bonds for an ultra-hydrophobic finish. Used at very low levels, the material is able to achieve dramatic results at a low cost. Does not contain silicones.

Tire Cleaner MH
An powerful yet economical spray on tire cleaner requiring mild scrubbing to clean tires and prepare them for the appliction of a gloss product. 

TireShine WB
Similar to Armour All, applied by spray or contact, offers a moderately high sheen. Effective in avoiding sling off.

Magic Black
Leaves a deep black sheen unequaled by traditional products. Clear high sheen silicone liquid with a fast dry system that can be applied by spray or direct contact. This product penetrates rubber, quickly evaporates leaving only the shine. This unique product improves sling off.

Wheel Cleaner SF
Works for all wheels, won’t dull or damage wheels

Wheel Brite NF
Blend of strong organic products that cleans all wheels and hubcaps and is especially effective on aluminum. NF does not contain hydroflouric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acids.


Finished Products – Specialty

Engine Brite NB
Our highly acclaimed engine cleaner that works on any oil based cleanup. The powerful emulsifiers, penetrants, and soaps in this mildly alkaline system can clean anything. Spray it on and hose it off. Perfect for retail packaging.

Odor X
Remarkable odor destroying chemistry that works on the molecualr level to destroy odors from urine, smoke, mildew and other odors. Simply spray it on and give it 24 hours, odors are gone. This material does not contain enzymes, safe for all fabrics & leathers.

Glass Gloss
The warrior of window cleaners. It contains soaps and cleaners that rip through windhsield fog and dirt. Dilute with between 10 to 20 parts of distilled or deionized water to make it user strength.

Clean on the first wipe!