Nearly 100 years ago, our company had its beginnings as an in-house chemical manufacturer for a large textile mill. Twenty-five years later, we expanded our reach to service a broader sector of textiles involving hosiery and the early days of the scatter rug and tufted carpet industry.

We offer a broad array of products for these markets including:

  • Anti-foam Agents
  • Scouring Agents
  • Anti-migrant Agents
  • Sequestrants
  • Antistatic Agents
  • Sizing Agents
  • Bleaching Assistants
  • Soaps, Surfactants, & Emulsifiers
  • Catalysts
  • Softeners
  • Chelating Agents
  • UV Stabilizers
  • Dispersing Agents
  • Wetting & Penetrating Agents
  • Flame Retardants
  • Leveling Agents
  • Other Chemicals

If we do not currently offer the solution you need, we have a laboratory staffed with experienced, dedicated technicians that welcome the opportunity to develop a custom solution for you.