Oil and Gas

Synalloy Chemicals offers a range of products which find application in the oil field industry as additives for corrosion inhibition and drilling fluids.

We also have the capability to manufacture custom products for unique and special oil field, gas well and production application. Synalloy Chemicals’ sulfated derivatives, amide and betaine chemistries offered for oil field applications are both economical and biodegradable. Synalloy Chemicals’ unique chemistries and products extend into many special applications. These applications include foaming agents, floatation, special metal treatment and protection and dust suppression. We offer a broad array of products for this market including:

  • Sulfated Derivatives
  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Defoamers
  • Quaternized Products
  • Flotation Aids
  • Surfactants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Sultaine Based Surfactants

If we do not currently offer the solution you need, we have a laboratory staffed with experienced, dedicated technicians that welcome the opportunity to develop a custom solution for you.


Synalloy SCO-75: SCO-75 is sulfated castor oil, an environmentally friendly workhorse drilling lubricant.
BioLube SD: SD is a unique lubricant based on soybean oil, economical and environmentally friendly.
BioLube CD:CD is a castor based bio lubricant that offers unique properties.
Safe T Acid US:US is a unique sulfuric based, non-corrosive acid for well acidization.
Safe T Acid HC:HC is an HCL based corrosion inhibited acid for well acidization.
Asset Integrity
Imidazoline TAD 11: TAD 11 is a low rosin TOFA / DETA 1 to 1 imidazoline with an extremely high ring closure.
Imidazoline TAE 11: TAE 11 is a low rosin TOFA / AEEA 1 to 1 imidazoline with extremely high ring closure.
Imidazoline Quat 90:Fatty acid DETA imidazoline, quaternized with diethyl sulfate, available in solvent dilutions.
Imidazoline Quat 1387:Low rosin TOFA / AEEA imidazoline, diethyl sulfate quaternized, solvent diluted.
Synalloy Tam Quats:Tallow Amine (from 3EO to 20EO) quaternized with diethyl sulfate.
OTHERS:Synalloy makes a number of quats and imidazolines, or we can add others.
Phosphate DA-6: A phosphate 6 mole EO decyl alcohol, available acid and neutralized versions.
Neodol Phosphates: Phosphates based on linear alcohols, Neodol or other generic types, varying range of EO.
Nonyl Phenol Phosphates: Phosphates based on Nonyl Phenol ethoxylates, varying range of EO.
Cocoamidipropyl Betaine: Surfactant based on coconut fatty acids, extremely high foaming for gas application.
Cocoamidipropyl Sultaine: Surfactant based on coconut fatty acids, high foaming and brine stable.
Synalloy DOSS 70 Series: DOSS products available in a variety of diluents including methanol and peg ester.
Synalloy Special Products: Custom blends, over 40 surfactants & 470 specialties provides endless options.