Company History


Synalloy the parent company of Synalloy Chemicals was first organized in 1945 under the name of Blackman Uhler Industries. In the mid-1950s their first textile dye manufacturing facility was built in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

During the 1960s, the Company diversified into the specialty chemicals and metals arenas through several acquisitions including Bristol Metals. Its name was changed to Synalloy Corporation in 1967 at which time it became a public company. In the late 1990s, the Company acquired several chemical companies including Manufacturers Chemicals. By 2009, the Company had re-evaluated its business strategy; sold the holdings Organic Pigments and Blackman Uhler. In August of 2012, Synalloy acquired Palmer of Texas located in Andrews, Texas. In 2013 Synalloy acquired CRI and added it to their chemical holdings. Today Synalloy operates two divisions: Specialty Chemicals and Metals.

Manufactures Chemicals, acquired by Synalloy in 1996, was established in 1919. Originally the company was the chemical arm of Hardwick Woolen Mills’. Hardwick broke off the chemical division and Manufacturers Chemical served the local textile and carpet industry. Around 1980, the company expanded into contract manufacturing and today support the markets of: Paper, Carpet, Textile, Industrial Chemicals, Metal Working, HI&I, Petroleum and Mining, Coatings, Additives, Automotive, and Agriculture.

CRI Tolling, acquired by Synalloy in 2013, was established in 1990. Originally the company operated as a Vat dye paste manufacturer for the textile market. Later they expanded their colorant offerings into paper, inkjet and other specialty markets. Around 2009, CRI began to expand and develop a tolling business. Today most of its business is contract manufacturing for many of the premier specialty chemical companies.

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