CRI to toll produce polyols for BioBased Technologies

Springdale, Arkansas — BioBased Technologies (BBI) has hired CRI Tolling, to produce its range of Agrol bio-based polyols, according to a press release from BioBased Technologies.

BBI said production is due to begin in December 2014 at CRI’s new plant in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

Amy Sorrell, BBI ceo, said the agreement would help it to meet growing customer needs. Demand for the polyols has been”growing steadily because they are price competitive with petrochemical polyols,” said Sorrell.

She said, in a telephone interview that main markets are the US, Canada and Mexico, but the firm is looking at Europe as potential export location, she added. ” We do have Reach registration” Sorrell added.

BBL chose CRI to toll produce the polyols because it has a new plant and will be ale to make up to 6m lbs/year (2.7 kT/year).

Sorrel’s firm has been in operation since 2003 and uses a range of renewable ingredients to make a its range of polyols. The Agrol range of polyols was developed in 2005 from a range of soy, cashew nuts and castor oil.

Recently BBI moved its R&D centre to Georgia, US.
CRI Tolling is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Synalloy Corp. which is active in chemicals and composites.