Contract Manufacturing

For over 35 years Synalloy Chemicals has provided contract manufacturing and tolling for chemical and marketing companies. We have the ability to manufacture chemical intermediates needed in many specialty chemicals, which complements our contract manufacturing services. Most of our capabilities support liquid products that require: reactions, formulation, particle size reduction and homogenization.


With over 12 reactor vessels range from 5 to 9,000 Gallon, 316 SS, pressure, vacuum, hot oil, steam, chillers, condensers. PLC controlled. Supporting bulk tank farm.


Mix vessels range from 50 to 15,000 Gallon, various blade configurations, various drive sizes including variable speed, most tank are 304 or 316 SS, heating and cooling. We can load liquids and solids into vessels, in wide variety of package sizes.

Particle Size Reduction

Dispersers and Media Mills are the primary equipment used for particle size reduction. Tank sizes from 1000 to 4500 gallon are used with hydraulic Cowls Dissolvers drives to initially reduce particles then further processed through media mills to continue to decrease and polish the particles. A variety of media types and media sizes are used to maximize efficiency. All dispersers and media mills are stainless steel, have heating and cooling, on load cells, equipped with dust control and two-ton monorail cranes for lifting super-sacks.


Up to 5000 psi homogenizers, two stage and chill water. Used along with melt tanks and hot rooms for silicone and wax emulsions.

Other Services include:

Bulk Storage
Tank farms inside building and outside building. Stainless, Carbon, Fiberglass, with mix drives. To 15,000 gallon.

Bulk, Tote, Drum and Pail- we repack all types of containers

Filtration & Purification
Koch Nano-filtration Membrane Units can process batches of 200 to 20,000 pounds.

Powder Blending
Munson double helical ribbon blender, 316 SS, polished welds, load cells, spray bar. Batches up to 200 cu ft.

High Viscosity Mixing
Dual drive with sweep blade mixes up to 100,000 cps.

Distribution & Warehousing
On site but separated from manufacturing business, we store and ship product all over the world.

Tech Support
Our technical team supports on-boarding contract manufacturing products into our plant. They can assist in the development and improvement of your product.